Welcome to the Renegade UIQ site.

The status of this site.

If you have noticed, I am not putting anymore information regarding Ericsson, Sony Ericsson, Symbian or UIQ (haven't done so for the last 5 years). However, I will make these old resources available for nostalgic purposes.

What have I been up to.

Since I've dropped the now dead UIQ platform. I was thinking of getting a decent Android phone (was the logical next step since I didn't like S60 Symbian) and was at the time deciding on either a Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 or an HTC Aria. Then, a wonderful thing happened. Droll met me and showed me his latest "minicomputerwithphonefunctionality" (for those who are a little dyslexic, it's "mini computer with phone functionality") called a Nokia N900.

Don't get me wrong here, I still think Nokia was/is stupid for pushing the S60 GUI eventually buying up Symbian from the other stake holders and killing off UIQ which was superior IMHO. However, that said, Nokia's only saving grace was the developement of Maemo 5. They quickly lost credibility when the announced the joint-developement of Maemo's successor called MeeGo but will reserved judgement of MeeGo once it actually ships.

What now?

I've decided to do the following for the benefit of Maemo 5 (N900) users:

If you wish to contact me, I can be found at the following forums: You can post a "private message" in these forums. My handle there is "ajack"

The Maemoleaks files.

Description Filename
NeoPwn v2 (beta) .torrent file
Packet Injection for N900 .torrent file
Adobe Flash 10.1 for Maemo5 .torrent file
VLC v1.1.5 for Maemo5 .torrent file
There is a misconfiguration on the web server, please save the torrent in your computer before opening it with your torrent application.

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